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4.31 Star Rating
299 reviews
Melissa S.5 days ago
"We have loved living at Bell Timacuan for over 8 years, with a staff as friendly as they are reliable. The grounds and buildings are kept beautiful, and the well equipped gyms keep us coming back for more - everything we wanted in a community!!"
Joseph R.1 week ago
"Bell Timacuan is the total package for me. Excellent apartments, quality management and maintenance staff."
Jonathan H.2 weeks ago
"We love living here at Bell Timacuan. The new manager, Marie is awesome and makes sure things get done. We are extremely happy to call Bell Timacuan home!!!"
Debbie L.1 month ago
"This is like a small town. Living here is HOME, a lovely place of welcome neighbors and a management staff who friends who genuinely care and watch over us. Neighbors are gracious and friendly."
Current Resident1 month ago
"So far everything is good. I have no unresolved concerns, nor is this an isolated issue. I dont know everybody that lives in here, Im only privy to my neighbors and they feel the same. No place is perfect but I can say that they try very hard to make it that way"
Current Resident1 month ago
"I love it here! My first time renting and from the initial contact with Michael Reed(that man is amazing) to moving in was seamless. I havent had time to explore the community but it is fairly quiet and well maintained. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Its centrally located and most major stores are only a few minutes away. I love it here so far."
Current Resident1 month ago
"Bell Timacuan is a great place to live. The area and staff are very nice m."
Current Resident1 month ago
"I am very pleased with the management and maintenance team of Bell Timacuan. They are very professional and responsive."
Hortense B.1 month ago
"Finding my apartment and approved for rental took less than 12 hours. The rental agent was terrific and very helpful. Seeing the show house /apartment gives me that urgent feeling to move in right away. The grounds are beautifully kept, the whole atmosphere is very relaxing. I also feel very safe."
Jonathan H.2 months ago
"Weve lived here for 3 years now and are very happy here at Bell Timacuan. The entire staff is amazing and if you do have any issues, its addressed immediately."
Current Resident2 months ago
"Amazing community, started day 1 with the politeness of the staff and has continued ever since!"
Gianni B.3 months ago
"Excellent place to live. Friendly neighbors and a responsive maintenance team."
Current Resident3 months ago
"An excellent, friendly, and well kept community that constantly strive to enhance your daily living experiences."
Jonathan H.3 months ago
"The staff is incredible. Maintenance crew is amazing. Overall this is an absolutely amazing place to live!"
Current Resident3 months ago
"Great and friendly staff, not pushy when it comes to looking around at multiple options."
Donna G.3 months ago
"My husband and I moved in to Bell Timacuan one year ago. When I found this complex I loved the look of the buildings and grounds. After living here for a full year I have to say we still love it. Everyone is so friendly, we love our neighbors. It feels like a community and the staff and maintenance are wonderful. We love it here."
Current Resident3 months ago
"Tempest is remarkable!"
Current Resident4 months ago
"This is a beautiful place to live."
Current Resident4 months ago
"Apartment complex is beautiful with many great amenities but what pushed me over the edge into moving over here was the awesome customer service I received from Tempestt Frías."
Current Resident4 months ago
"Its a nice place to live. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The apartment homes are a good size. There are many amenities that are available. During the pandemic the renters were emailed up to date information when things changed. They provided food trucks and are still doing that. What a nice touch."
Sherrie F.5 months ago
"Beautiful complex"
Current Resident5 months ago
"If you want a place that feels more like a home this is the place for you. COVID hasnt stopped the staff here for taking care of your needs."
Francisco C.5 months ago
"So far this is the best community Ive every experience in the 3 years Ive been living in Florida, and honestly I plan living here for a while."
FITZGEROLD G.5 months ago
"A clean, friendly, and safe community."
Jonathan H.5 months ago
"Ever since Marie took over management at Bell Timacuan, we have noticed a big change for the better. The property is looking beautiful and she addresses any problems fast. Thank you Marie!"
Candace L.6 months ago
"Great experience with Leasing Management. Great communication between tenants & leasing team. This property is beautifully set on a Golf Course. The grounds and landscapes are clean & well manicured. Great for running and/or bike riding with your family or pets. Centrally located and near a 5 star rated elementary school which is perfect for our family since we have a 4th grader."
Melissa S.6 months ago
"We feel so fortunate to have found Bell Timacuan over 8 years ago, it is a beautiful, friendly community full of an amazing staff that we feel part of the family!!"
Marc L.6 months ago
"Bell Timacuan is a wonderful place to live!"
Current Resident6 months ago
"Bell Timacuan is everything I was looking for when my husband and is downsized to an apartment. It is well maintained. Staff is friendly and helpful. And it feels like you live in a community where you get to know your neighbors."
Anabel R.6 months ago
"Thank you so much for responding to our needs"
Current Resident6 months ago
"As a new resident i love living at bell timacuan. The staff is nice and the maintenance team are always so helpful and quick to get things done. The property alone is beautiful and the pools are always clean."
Yvonne G.6 months ago
"I love it here! The grounds are neat and clean and all my neighbors are friendly and approachable. Moved here to be closer to my job and I have not regretted it. Thank you, Yvonne Greene"
Melissa S.7 months ago
"We have lived here at Bell Timacuan for over 8 years and have always been completely satisfied with the apartments, lawn, maintenance, staff, etc. They all treat us with respect, integrity and smiles!! What else could you ask for? Were proud to call this our Home!!!"
Current Resident7 months ago
"Its a safe community. Its quiet and the neighbors seem to get along with one another."
Debbie L.7 months ago
"BELL TIMACUAN is like an upscale small town: beautiful, charming with wonderful staff and residents. My Apartment is quiet, beautiful and cozy. I've "come home.""
Timothy S.7 months ago
"Bell Timacuan is really improving I have been impressed recently with the cosmetic improvements to the property and the professionalism of the management and maintenance team"
Virginia B.8 months ago
"This community is beautiful! The apartments are spacious, well appointed and lots of storage. The staff (we worked with Tempest) is courteous and knowledgeable, we cannot wait too move in!"
Current Resident8 months ago
"every one is very perfessiol and polite."
Anabel R.9 months ago
"Beautiful place. A lot of room for everything. Great floor plan."
HARRY D.9 months ago
"Excellent community."
Current Resident9 months ago
"One of the best places o have ever lived."
Current Resident9 months ago
"Great neighbors, friendly maintenance staff!"
Current Resident9 months ago
"I'll be living here for 2 years and had a very pleasant experience so far. neighbors are very respectful since then but now we have one neighbor that is not what they should be. other than that my son also move here and we both love it where we both live in separate section of the complex, so far this had been a good experience."
John S.9 months ago
"Yea I would recommend living here to anyone interested"
Darcy K.9 months ago
"I have lived at Bell Timacuan for about 3 years and I really enjoy it here. I feel comfortable here and most importantly, safe. The staff are good at communicating any changes that are happening and quick to respons tonqyesruons and/or concerns. During this stressful time with the pandemic they have kept us up to date on any changes and have had food trucks on the premises at least once a week. Who ever has made those selections has good taste!"
Current Resident10 months ago
"Beautiful, Safe, Convenient Community to live in. Great neighbors That respect one another.. I am very happy living here"
Current Resident10 months ago
"Just a good old place to live. Convenient to anything you need."
Current Resident10 months ago
"Good apartment living. Nice community."
John S.11 months ago
"Very happy since moving here. Property is well kept and the staff is helpful and time considerate"
Mathew M.11 months ago
"Beautiful property"
Judith G.11 months ago
"We have lived here at Bell Timacuan for over 5 years. We love our apartment, the Maintenance Staff and their knowledge and quick response time, the office staff, the property and the pools & workout rooms. We love the area that surrounds us including the many main highways that are right here."
Current Resident11 months ago
"I really like this place and especially their quick response on any work requests."
Current Resident11 months ago
"Great place to live..conscientious, helpful, beautiful surroundings, great neighborhood. Thanks!"
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